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Choose the right HostBill
integration Package that works
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  • Clientarea template ?
  • Cart template ?
  • Header/Footers ?
  • Font and Color Match
  • Delivery ?
  • Responsive design ?
  • Services ?
  • Email template customization ?
Basic Package $199 Get Started

Best HostBill Integration packages crafted especially for emerging startups and Organizations.

  • Clientarea template#For Start-up, the styles of the website will be reused. For Premium, custom dashboard will be designed and fresh styles will be written based on the dashboard design
    Matching existing website
  • Cart template#For Start-up one default cart template will be integrated. For Premium 3 to 4 cart template will be integrated with the website styles according to the product
    Matching existing website
  • Header/Footers#The website header and footer will be integrated. For Premium, either the website header and footer or fresh header and footer based on the new dashboard design will be integrated
    Matching Header/Footers
  • Font and Color Match
  • Delivery#Delivery time depends on the amount of change requests and feedback
    1-3 days
  • Responsive design#Responsiveness depends on the default template used
  • Services# For Premium we shall create 6 products/services and integrate the design styles to the products. No server setup involved
  • Email template customization#One generic email template will be customized with the styles and logo of the website
Advanced Package $699 Get Started

Best HostBill Integration packages crafted specially for pre-existing brands and world-class corporations.

  • Clientarea template
    Custom client area template design
  • Cart template
    Custom cart template design
  • Header/Footers
    Matching website header and footer
  • Font and Color Match
  • Delivery
    6-9 days
  • Responsive design
  • Services
    Create six products and services
  • Email template customization

HostBill design
integration Services

HostBill makes the life of hosting companies and system administrators easier through automation of routine hosting tasks such as Client Acquisition, Billing, Service Provisioning, support and customer management. It is a continuously evolving software with quick responses to customer requirements and making its competitive edge sharper through regular feature enhancements and software update process. Such an uncomplicated, yet feature-rich software relieves the entrepreneur from daily chores of hosting business and help them to focus more on brand building process.

MindBees creates highly elegant HostBill templates that perfectly matches with the design elements of your existing design, making the brand easily recognizable to the visitors and improves the conversion levels.

Advantages of HostBill Design

  • Tailor-made for hosting
  • Highly Flexible
  • Inbuilt Monitoring tools
  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Multiple Billing options
  • Extendable features
  • Multi-Channel Support – email, Ticket, Live Chat


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Do you provide HostBill licensing services?



If I have some design elements to be included in the custom theme, can I use it or need to recreate it by you?

We can use your designs without any issues. Do provide the details during the initial discussions itself to avoid any confusions at the later stages.


How can I track the execution of the process?

We maintain regular communication with the customer through the project manager. You can contact them through the prescribed channels.


If I am unhappy with the current team, how can I express it without hurting the team?

You will be assigned with an Account Manager and he is your best buddy for the organization. You can escalate such issues to the AM and he will iron out the issues without any ill feeling towards you.


Once the project is completed, do I need to pay the royalty for the images developed for me?

After the payment, the entire project including the images is yours. We don't endorse any claim on them. However the licenses for the stock images used shall be purchased by the project sponsor/client


Can I stop subscribing to your service in the middle of a billing cycle? In that case, will I get a refund?

You can stop service at any time of your preference. Prorated refunds are not applicable for monthly billings. For yearly or half-yearly billings, please contact the billing department.


Do you provide custom addons for Hostbill?

We provide only template design customization services as of now. Any existing addon could be installed though


Do you provide custom code edits in HostBill?

We provide only template design customization services as of now.

we do in

Our Process - MindBees
Client Consultations

Nobody knows better than the client about his business and we make sure that his requirement details are completely conveyed to us through discussions..


Once the design is approved, our developers convert the design to a pixel-perfect HostBill skin or theme for the integration

Design Creation

After the client consultations, our team of designers create the template design and send it to the customer for his evaluations and feedbacks


The developed theme undergoes detailed evaluations both for its functionality and its accuracy with the design by a team of seasoned testing professionals.


Once the testing is over, we implement the solution and ensure a smooth integration through a timebound resolution of issues..

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We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.

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