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WHMCS: The one-stop solution for
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MindBees provides customization and integration of WHMCS to your WordPress website
at highly affordable price

  • Installation of core software
  • Upgrade of core software
  • Addon module integration
  • Integrate Clientarea template
  • Integrate cart template
  • Delivery
  • Custom cart template design
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Best WHMCS Integration packages crafted specially for emerging startups and Organizations.

  • Installation of core software
  • Upgrade of core software
  • Addon module integration
  • Integrate Clientarea template
    Matching existing website
  • Integrate cart template
    Matching existing website
  • Delivery
    3 days delivery
  • Custom cart template design
Premium Package

Best WHMCS Integration packages crafted specially for pre-existing brands and world-class corporations.

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  • Installation of core software
  • Upgrade of core software
  • Addon module integration
  • Integrate Clientarea template
    Matching existing website
  • Integrate cart template
    Matching existing website
  • Delivery
    1 day delivery
  • Custom cart template design

WHMCS Design
Integration Services

Welcoming a customer with an account suspended message is the most horrifying nightmare of any hosting owner. It sabotages your years of hard work to build a brand reputation and creates irrevocable damage to the customer confidence to your brand. WHMCS automates such routine customer relationship issues through an automated billing and provisioning system along with powerful tools for efficient customer management, helpdesk and data analysis.

At MindBees, we provide our expert assistance for custom WHMCS module creation, WHMCS theme customization and a slew of WHMCS services to bring complete automation to your customer management and billing woes to achieve great customer satisfaction levels.

Advantages WHMCS Integration

  • Complete Billing automation
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Custom Modules and Themes
  • Easily configurable
  • Multiple billing options
  • Supports Multi-currency billing
  • In-Built Analytical Tools


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What are the services you provide under WHMCS development services?

WHMCS module development, WHMCS maintenance, custom WHMCS theme development, 3rd party module integrations, WHMCS Configuration and setup, WHMCS automation and payment gateway integration.


I need a unique module for my WHMCS. Can you develop one frame scratch?

Yes. We develop WHMCS modules from scratch and also customize existing templates as well.


Do you offer dedicated developer for WHMCS integration services?

Yes. Please contact the sales team for more details.


Will my integration be responsive?

Our themes are responsive by default. But the integration will be responsive only if your existing website is responsive.


Does the integration support SSL or HTTPS protocols?

Yes. All our templates and integrations work well with SSL and HTTPS.


Do you offer free services if the module breaks due to an update of WHMCS?

It depends on the severity of the issue. Minor modifications might not be chargeable. For continuous support always consider subscribing to our website maintenance packages.

we do in

Our Process - MindBees
Requirement Gathering

Getting exact details about the client requirement is the crucial element in deciding the development process and the outcome. Our regular and iterative discussion with the client enables us to gather exact information


After successful completion of the requirement analysis, our designers and developers work together to create a WHMCS module or WHMCS templates which perfectly matches your expectations.

Requirement Analysis

A detailed study of the requirement is carried out to identify the best course of action to achieve the task. During this stage, we evaluate various possibilities and its efficacy for optimum results..


Our testing professionals perform detailed checks to ensure that the product meets the provided guidelines without any compromise both for its design elements and functionalities


Once the integration is complete, we ensure a flawless WHMCS integration with timely interventions to rectify any issues

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We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.

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