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Social Media Design

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  • FB cover image and profile picture
  • Twitter header image and profile picture
  • Youtube channel art and channel icon
  • Free social media review
  • Fb page design
  • Social media posts image design
  • Facebook Timeline Design
  • Twitter profile design
Basic Package $199 Get Started

Best Social Media Design packages crafted specially for emerging startups and Organizations.

  • FB cover image and profile picture
  • Twitter header image and profile picture
  • Youtube channel art and channel icon
  • Free social media review
  • Fb page design
  • Social media posts image design
    5 images
  • Facebook Timeline Design
  • Twitter profile design
Advanced Package $499 Get Started

Best Social media Design packages crafted specially for pre-existing brands and world-class corporations.

  • FB cover image and profile picture
  • Twitter header image and profile picture
  • Youtube channel art and channel icon
  • Free social media review
  • Fb page design
  • Social media posts image design
    10 images
  • Facebook Timeline Design
  • Twitter profile design

Social Media Design Services

Social media, the largest network of people, is the most potential market for any business. Each company strives hard to make benefit of this popular platform and turn it to a high-intensity battlefield for brand promotional activities.

A user in any social media platform is bombarded with a huge volume of marketing material and only a well-crafted and strategically designed campaign alone can make your brand distinguishable to the user.

MindBees helps you to carve a niche for your business through the creation of strategically placed, innovative, visually appealing and consistent designs to communicate your brand to the customer in an efficient and impressive way..

Advantages of Social Media Design

  • Improves brand penetration and recognition levels
  • Easy to target a specific market
  • Consistent designs enhance brand recollection
  • Faster, Responsive and measurable
  • Better lead generation and conversion rates
  • Sharable content expands market reach
  • Highly Cost effective


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What are social media designs?

Social media platforms use the profile photo and a cover/header image as an identity for an account or user. Each platform has different size specifications and we design these images to suit your brand and platform requirements.


How does a social media design benefit my company?

Social media designs will attract your target audience and improve the conversion rates.


What is social media profile and what is your service in this area?

Social media profiles are your identities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We create profiles and timelines which perfectly matches with your website designs so that a user can identify the brand even without checking the brand name.


Do you redesign my existing social media profiles?

Yes, we redesign your existing design or start from scratch for a new design.


Do you use templates?

No. All our designs are unique and are custom designed for each client.


Can I move between different plans without losing money?

Yes, plan change is possible. Please contact the billing department for details

we do in

Our Process - MindBees
Identification of the goals

We listen and discuss with the customer to derive a comprehensive idea about the customer requirements, target audience and social media platforms..

Visual identity creation

We review your social media profiles and create designs for each platform while maintaining a consistent nature for the designs.

Market Analysis

We analyze your competitors to ensure that the design follows the industry norms and patterns to make an impact in the targeted market


Once the design is complete, we provide the designs for the client evaluation.

Post-Delivery Support

Once the design is active, we analyze the impacts and resolve the shortcomings, if any, to improve the branding and conversion activities.

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Other Services and Packages

We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.

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