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Basic Package

Best HostBill Integration packages crafted especially for emerging startups and Organizations.

  • Clientarea template# Custom dashboard will be designed and fresh styles will be written based on dashboard design. : Custom client area template design
  • Header/Footers#The website header and footer will be integrated. Either the website header and footer or a fresh header and footer based on the new dashboard design will be integrated : Matching website header and footer
  • Font and Color Match
  • Template Styles# All the CSS styles of the website that are relevant to Hostbill will be integrated into the Hostbill template : Styles matching the existing website
  • Delivery#Delivery time depends on the amount of change requests and feedback : 6-9 days
  • Responsive design#Responsiveness depends on the default template used
  • Produts/services# Products will be integrated with website using Hostbill APIs : Product integration to the website
  • Email template customization#One generic email template will be customized with the styles and logo of the website

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