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Apr 22, 2022
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With the world with various technologies and digital platforms receiving spectacular growth and preferences, how can we forget about WordPress when we talk about development and growth?

Word press powers over 70 million websites and is the most popular content management system with a whopping market share of more than 60%. It is the number one content management system online that is open source that can be paired with MariaDB and MySQL.

Many high-profile news sites use WordPress – Fortune, CNN, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Variety, CBS Local, NBC, New York Observer, New York Post, USA Today – and many more use WordPress. Whether you have a news company or a personal blog, WordPress has built-in tools and other plugins to help you automate processes and make your life more manageable. However, the rise and demands of work in development projects is not an easy task. So relying on Offshore WordPress development services is necessary to meet the interactive website development in tales and build a strong presence in the market.

Hiring web developers with less experience can be a daunting task. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to have everyone working in the same place? Discussion for more effective keeping track of the different projects can become easier. What we ensure and how we work, let’s make you aware of our experience and expertise.

What you should know before getting an offshore team

Requirement Gathering

Without understanding anything, you definitely can’t play an important role in someone’s project. A thorough understanding is needed for the most crucial work. People at MindBees ensure that we have all the necessary details before commenting on anything to the client.

Wireframe Design and Prototyping

Our team follows the international code of software development that makes the work easier and more elaborative. We take care of the necessary prototyping before starting any of the actual codings for the development.


Our team of WordPress web developers and designers makes things easier and more stunning, making your website more conceptualized and professional.


We provide what we assure. The highly qualified team at MindBees evaluates the developed website to identify any shortcomings or ensure that everything is functional and according to the set guidelines.


One Up, we complete all the processes, deliver the work to the client evaluation and make the necessary changes, if there are any, according to the client’s suggestions.

Benefits of hiring the OffShore Team

Most of the time hiring IT professionals in your company for your website can be an expensive ordeal. But with an “Offshore Team” you will get round the clock support and lower cost of operations too.

Before engaging with Development Company, the majority of clients look for professionalism and expertise. You can hire a company specializing in WordPress for various reasons. They will give you a customized website that you can alter at any time according to your will. Also, you will get exactly what you want, when you want with rarely any margin for error.

Why Choosing MindBees For WordPress Development?

The professional and expert at my base stands out from the company and their competitors in WordPress development services. You might be doubting why to choose us for your web WordPress development. Isn’t it? So, let’s discuss why..?


We have years of collective WordPress word web development experience as a team. The team has a deep understanding of the framework and PHP development that make us stand out from our competitors.

Our team is best at WordPress website development that helps you create the reached website with exceptional user experience. And what matters is a well-designed profound website that keeps your clients updated with your work and experience.

Endless Customization

Our WordPress developers are the best in class and have more knowledge of plugins, themes, and WP core. With greater knowledge and high skill professionalism, the excitement in developing out-of-box solutions. And versatility with different programming languages and environments create the best foundation for recognizing time bees as the best WordPress development company in India.

Responsive and Feature Rich Website

All websites that a team creates ensure that it has flawless features on all screens and devices. The comprehensive knowledge of WordPress Framework makes our team enable all clients’ choices and make the website responsive and cost-effective.

Dedicated Developers

Our developers with immense knowledge and professionalism in WordPress customization and development make the client happier with the dedicated services that we offer. Proper customization is what a company needs. And hints we provide all those things.

Support and Maintenance

WordPress development packages provide a plethora of options to ensure that we are available 24/7 to support all your words as related issues. Our highly-trained security professionals mitigate security traits most efficiently and provide high-quality technical support to make mine bees the most trusted WordPress development.

Having MindBees as your WordPress Development Team is goal oriented. We ensure the client about the successful development of the client’s website. Our professional team will help you with your required changes even after completing the work.

We at MindBees will go above and beyond so that you get the website that you want. Our experts will be more than willing to help you design a website that not only looks great. But you also gets the most number of people into your sales funnel.

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