Importance of Custom Web Design to Rebuild a Business

The Importance Of Custom Website Design And How it can help rebuild your Brand.

Oct 29, 2019
Published by webmaster

Websites of current times are dynamic ecosystems that make a business to grow, flourish and bloom to its full potential. A website gives you a global appeal and enables you to tap the possibility of a vast market without any limitations.

Such an extensively competitive market necessitates the website to be trendy, relevant and impressive to the diverse preferences of the population. 

Various elements such as colour schema, fonts, easiness of navigation and content are contributive elements for making a lasting impression about the website and your brand. 

Website Templates Vs Custom Websites 

There is no denying that the easy to use website templates made a large number of entrepreneurs to have a website with minimal time and effort. They are available in all segments of the industry from personal websites to complex eCommerce portals with a certain level of customization. Since they don’t need any coding, design or detailed planning, the deployment is often quite fast. 

In the case of a custom website, the development happens from scratch. You plan the website topology, database structure, image size and color schema to make the site an exact representation of your ideas. Such an arduous task demands your time, money and active involvement with each stage of the development. 

Template-based websites or a custom website?

It’s a perennial question for all entrepreneurs.

If you plan to have a website for the namesake, then a template-based or ready to deploy websites wouldn’t be a wrong choice. But the possibility to gain impressive outcomes through such a generic website is abysmally low. 

Whereas a properly build custom websites can play a pivotal role in enhancing your business revenue through its flexibility and feature-rich approach. 

What makes custom websites a hot choice?

I know, such preferential heading from an established website development company, MindBees, raises some flags. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have ample reasons to confidently vouch for the efficiency of custom websites in enhancing the business than a template design. 

Some of the significant elements that favor custom website development are: 

1. Uniqueness & Speed

Each business has its clientele, operations and strategies to make them distinguishable from the competitors. The website establishes brand identity and makes them easily recognizable through unique features such as Logo, color and design elements. 

A custom website gives you absolute authority over all elements of design so that you can build a website that perfectly complements your brand identity. But for a template-based website, even with the best customization options, your creative freedom is highly curtailed. It limits the site from becoming a true expression of your brand identity, leading to reduced brand recall and sales generation. 

The loading time and navigation time are crucial for any website to achieve impressive user engagement levels. Website templates use a generic architecture to suit the requirements of a broad set of customers and their preferences. It means there could be a lot of features that are unnecessary for your website. Loading up of all these elements along with unoptimized coding makes the site sluggish and results in a high bounce rate. 

For a custom website, you develop it with a clear emphasis on your business requirements and targeted market. It makes the entire process quite streamlined, lighter and efficient. 

Website performance, especially the speed and bounce rate, plays a vital role in the website’s SEO ranking. A poor SEO translates to low visibility during searches and abysmal levels of conversion. 

2.   Responsive Designs 

In the era of absolute mobility, Desktops or laptops have become the least preferred choice for internet access for the majority. People switch between the device and its the responsibility of the website owner to make the site adaptive to the changing screen sizes without any performance issues. 

Responsive designs redefined the conventional notions of website development and bought exceptional browsing experience to mobile internet users. When you develop a custom website, you will have better authority in ensuring responsiveness to all elements of your website design. Such a level of liberty might not be available with a template design. 

Besides high user engagement levels, responsive designs are a positive ranking signal for search engines too. 

3.   Search Engine Optimisation 

The complexity of the search algorithm and its changing parameters makes search engine optimization a long term strategic operation. 

During a custom website development, you can make the necessary optimization in all relevant areas as per your SEO strategy. But for a website template, the scope of such custom modifications are quite limited and can create a dip in your SEO rankings. 

4.   Scalability and Flexibility

Each entrepreneur strives hard to make their business bigger. It involves systematic brand building activities such as digital marketing, offers and campaigns. 

A template-based site has limitations in resource availability. When the website fails to manage the influx of new customers, it makes a lasting scar on the brand reputation. 

A custom developed website can be tweaked for improved performance to meet the resource requirements for your anticipated growth. Such scalability, along with user-centric elements, can create significant changes in your growth possibilities. 

5.   Security

The ease of deployment and attractive price are the primary driving elements for an entrepreneur to choose a website template. Sadly the security threats of such an approach are often overlooked. 

A template website uses the same code for all its instances. It acts as a handy tool for a hacker as the architecture of the site is readily available for him. He can create his malicious code and spread it through hundreds of websites that use the template. 

When you develop a custom website, you are in control of everything. You can have the best team to develop the code and make the necessary precautions to avoid vulnerability through a high-quality testing team. 

As it is an indigenous design, patching of a vulnerability is much faster. For websites that use templates, the vendor manages such vulnerabilities, and it may not be as instantaneous as in the case of the custom developed website. 

6.   Easy customization & back end Application

Making customers privileged is the first step in creating brand loyalists. If you take suggestions from the customer and make the necessary modifications, it will reinforce the relationships and make them assured. 

Some times you may need to integrate your website with another software, such as payment gateways, to suit your business orientations. Custom websites will be a great option as you have a clear understanding of its structure.

But for the templates, compatibility is a big concern while integrating additional software or feature. 

An engaging and customer-centric website is an essential thing for any organization during this digital era. Custom websites help you to make a unique representation of your brand with absolute freedom. 

Custom Websites – our forte. 

With more than a decades of experience and thousands of custom developed websites to our credit, MindBees is one of the most trusted custom website Design & developers across the world. Our exceptional talents, flawless development strategies, and the customer-centric approach give you the right solutions without any compromise. 

MindBees assures you the best team to fulfill your website development requirement in a transparent, professional, timebound and cost-effective way. 

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