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Most significant Advantages of a custom built CMS – A Vibrant Marketplace for Business

Oct 29, 2019
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The ability to build and manage websites through a few mouse clicks made Content Management Systems or CMS, a game-changer in the software industry. CMS made websites affordable for millions and enabled them to compete with the mighty players with no apparent technical expertise. 

Content Management Systems provide immense customization features making a preferred platform for developers to create innovative solutions with advanced scope and features. It enjoys an omnipotent presence in all areas from personal blogging sites to advanced eCommerce portals and is a favorite of startups and corporates alike. 

CMS bought a paradigm shift the way websites were perceived and were instrumental in growing the total website population to the current figure of two billion. WordPress, the most popular CMS platform, alone powers more than 70 million websites in the online world. 

Even though we have “n” number of ready to use CMS solutions in all segments of the industry, custom-developed CMS solutions are quite popular as well. 

So why do people go for time-consuming custom CMS solution development when a popular solution is available by a few clicks?

To be distinct, unique and customer centric. 

Open-source Platforms

Be it Magento, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal all these CMS platforms are open source platforms. It means you can modify the codes as per your choice and can use them without any licensing costs. 

Even though limited customizations are possible from the desktop, knowledge of the CMS core engine and excellent coding skills are essential to integrate custom features to the CMS.

For instance, for developing a custom WordPress theme for a website, the developer needs an excellent understanding of the WordPress architecture. Then only he can ensure its smooth execution without interfering with the normal functioning of the website. 

The open-source architecture gives the ultimate freedom for the user to tweak and shape the code as per his choice without compromising the features of CMS engine. 

Easy Customization

For each type of CMS available in the market, there are thousands of plugins or modules to enhance its capabilities. 

But to make the customization an accurate representation of your concepts, expert assistance in the form of a seasoned developer is required. Since third party vendors develop plugins, there is an inherent risk of code vulnerability and security threats. Besides, the scope of customization might not be on par with your requirements. 

In the case of custom CMS solutions, only an expert team can develop the solution with a clear emphasis on your requirements. Such a solution helps you to deliver tailor-made services to your customers and will improve user engagement levels. 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile traffic has outnumbered desktop traffic much ago and is increasing with each day. A website that fails to attract visitors on all screen sizes is destined to fail its purpose of customer engagement and conversion.

Low levels of customer engagement and high bounce rates reduce the website’s SEO ranking significantly. A low SEO ranking triggers your downfall from top search visibility and snatches your dreams of commendable business growth. 

A customized CMS can focus on its mobile-friendliness and avoids the obstacles in your growth trajectory. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Structure

Good design alone won’t make your customers engaged to the website. It should have a clean layout, impressive loading time, easily navigable and should have good quality content.

Some developers fill all the available spaces with eye-catchy designs and features to create awe feeling to the user. It not only makes the web pages sluggish but also distracts the customer due to poor navigation. 

Most of the CMS, Plugins or modules focus on a broad market. So the application and its features are meant for a general population. It reduces your scope to create an easily distinguishable identity in the market. 

Developing a custom solution based on the CMS architecture enables you to avoid all these unnecessary elements and make the system more streamlined and efficient. Apart from that, a well-organized page structure and easy navigation impress the search engine robots, and they express their happiness through improved SEO ranks. 

Easy content management

To sustain and relevant in the industry, one needs to have frequent facelifts. For instance, an eCommerce site needs to have regular changes in its product listing, and for a blogging website, it requires constant updates in the content. 

Digital marketing is a multipronged process with highly dynamic strategies. You may need to change the website design or change the layout as per the campaign nature. Making such changes on static websites is a tedious task that demands the availability of dedicated developers. Such additional expenses limit your spending on brand building activities, and it affects your growth potential in general.

As an entrepreneur, you are the best person to define your priorities. You can easily convince it to your CMS development team, and they can create a system that perfectly aligns with your business requirements. 

Better functionality and scalability

The limitations of CMS software makes all websites appear similar to a layman’s perceptive. It is a huge let down for any business that tries hard to carve a unique identity in the market. 

A custom-developed CMS solution entirely focuses on your requirement alone and make the solution unique. It eliminates common traits with any other websites or software and makes a lasting impression for the customers. 

For instance, custom carts or check-outs makes the customer privileged, and they will eventually turn to be your ferocious fans. 

Business Ecommerce options

Ecommerce websites require a secure and robust ecosystem to protect sensitive information. Popular eCommerce CMS solutions such as Magento are quite right in covering the basics. Still, customization is a great option to add additional layers of security. 

You can develop your payment gateways or order tracking system so that the risks associated with an unknown code are minimal to your precious customers. 

Speed & efficiency

A vendor-supplied CMS will have features that are unnecessary for your website. But when you use those templates, it loads the entire framework, and the high resource consumption affects the performance, especially loading speed. 

If you adopt a custom CMS development strategy, you can optimize the code for the essential features alone and enhance the performance through tools such as caching. You can also implement efficiency improvement strategies such as image scaling, database optimization etc. through proper coding methodologies. 

Such user-centric, performance-oriented high-quality websites ascend the SEO ranking and help you to scale up your business rapidly. 

Community support

Every CMS platforms have excellent community support. It means you have answers or solutions for all types of issues. 

The active community support helps you to understand the industry best practices for better productivity. For a developer, its a great platform for each issue he encounters. Such community support equips you with the right resources to confidently move with a custom CMS development approach. 

What makes MindBees the best team for custom CMS development?

Our team of CMS development experts makes the difference. We have immense experience in developing custom solutions for a wide range of customers with varying requirements. MindBees has created thousands of solutions on various CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and much more. Be it a full customization or feature enhancement, MindBees has the right skills and experiences to ensure it’s successful completion with the highest levels of professionalism. 

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