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7 Reasons Why A Remote Workforce Is Better For Business

May 20, 2021
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With the onset of a pandemic which have rendered our conventional way of life, remote working has become the new norm. Companies such as Mindbees have been paramount in ensuring a smooth transition for businesses. Here in this article, we will discuss why remote working is here to stay and how Mindbees can solve your operational and creative need in the most effective way possible.

  1. Remote Workers Are More Productive
    A recent study conducted by an independent portal on around 800000 employees of top fortune companies found that employees reported improved productivity when working from home. The reasons associated with the rise in employee productivity varied. Two major reasons for choosing remote workers from Mindbees:
    • Employees are ready to work extra to get the work done. Mindbees digital experts are always looking for ways to provide more than what was promised.
    • Mindbees with their host of talented digital experts provide part time and full time services.
  2. You Can choose from A Larger Talent Pool
    With the onset of remote working, the limitations of a conventional hiring structure can be negated effectively. With Mindbees you have access to a large base of highly motivated and talented employees always eager to go the extra mile.
    • Allows company to hire dedicated domain experts curated towards the services you seek.
    • Help limit office stereotypes and gender biases with access to a mix gender group.
    • Mindbees diverse workforce will bring more energy and vibrancy to your company.
  3. It will reduce the business cost
    Remote working can save companies a lot of money. Ever since the pandemic induced global lockdowns, companies benefit by shifting operations to remote working. Mindbees allows you to hire the right amount of domain experts that you seek and help you cut down additional expenses such as:
    • Office Space Rental/Utilities – A major chunk of office rental and utilities can be curtailed with a reduced workforce attending office.
    • Food and Catering Costs – With a reduced workforce attending office, the food and catering costs can be significantly reduced.
    • Cleaning and Miscellaneous Costs – Cleaning and other miscellaneous costs can be reduced greatly with lower attendance in offices.
  4. It Increases Employee Retention
    Remote working helps in diversifying the workforce. It also helps in better employee retention. As employees have the option of working from home, it provides more flexibility of work. The home setup further improves the work efficiency. The transit cost and time that can be saved further aids in employee satisfaction.
    Remote working help instill a sense of trust and confidence upon the employees. It further provides greater control over the pace of work with absence of any nagging supervisor. Employees feel more responsible for the freedom of choice that further reflects positively in the work.
  5. Benefit from a more diverse team
    With the addition of a dynamic and diverse pool of talent to choose from with Mindbees, companies get rewarded with a diverse workforce. As with conventional recruitment where companies are left to select local talent for their workforce, professionals from Mindbees will ensure that only the right employee gets allocated for the job. You can choose from a pool of talent and opt for the one that fits perfectly.
    A diverse workforce of Mindbees has many other advantages as well.
    • Enhances Creativity – With employees working from different part of the globe, the creative output gets amplified. There are more ideas flowing, improving the creative process.
    • Enhances Productivity – Choosing the desired candidate from Mindbees over the limited local choices can further help improve the productivity of your present team.
    • Enhanced Cultural Awareness – As far as marketing is concerned, a diverse team always helps. With diversified workforce, there is greater cultural awareness within the team.
  6. Measured results
    Mindbees allows you to gauge every aspect of the services on offer. So you have access to real time data. Companies have a better understanding and clarity of the services and how they are benefiting the business. You only pay for what works and Mindbees will ensure the best possible return on investment(ROI).
  7. Why Mindbees?
    Mindbees has been in the forefront for providing digital solutions for brands and companies. Since its inception in 2007, Mindbees has quickly catapulted itself amidst the major players for its domain specific knowledge and outstanding service. The clientele has growing exponentially over the years thanks its wonderful and highly talented workforce.

    They are always ready to go the extra mile to provide the best service in the segment.The services offered by Mindbees range from Web Design and Web development to Mobile Application, and Digital Marketing to Support. For business looking to make their jump into the ever growing digital world of business, Mindbees provide the perfect place to jumpstart their journey.

What Sets Mindbees apart from the Competitors?

The company has four pillars of service quality which has been the key to their success.
• Highly Qualified Professionals – The company has a host of industry qualified and proven workforce to augment their services. They are the key aspect and the brains behind the company.
• A well-defined Strategic Roadmap – Companies are provided with a strategically planned roadmap to achieve their goals. This provides a sense of transparency for the clients to better understand and give their inputs as far as their digital solutions are concerned.
• Committed TO Quality OF Work – At Mindbees, everybody is committed to providing high quality work following every ethical practice.
• Customer Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is a priority for Mindbees. It is what drives the workforce towards greater heights or achievement and superior consumer experience.

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