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Top 7 Strategies to Improve Your Website Conversions

Nov 16, 2021
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1. Make Sure Your Page Load Speed Is Lightning-Fast

First thing first, in the digital era of today, nobody has the patience or time to wait for longer website loading. The days of elaborate web pages taking eons to load are long gone. The millennials of present times have an average attention span of not more than 8 seconds.

So to capture the attention and hold it for potential conversion, the web pages need to load up quickly. Invest your resources upon reliable servers. A lot can be achieved in less(literally!).

2. Spy on What Your Competitors Are Doing

If businesses are looking to stay ahead in the race, they are technically looking to stay ahead of their competition. Stalking up on competitors is an ancient practice that has long withstood the test of time. There is so much to learn and emulate from the surroundings. To keep ahead of others around, businesses need to be doing what others are doing and more.

Keeping a tab upon the competitor’s social media, the website helps keep up with their newest marketing campaigns and offers. It provides crucial insights into what other companies are up to. In the long run, these critical insights are what keep a brand ahead of the others.

3. Create best website practices to enhance your UI and UX

Clean and consistent user interface practices are important to a great experience. There are simple steps to follow to maintain the highest standards in your websites.

  • Keep It Nice and Simple – A thumb rule for many of the modern social media and other popular web pages is to keep things simple. Keep a simple layout that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Consistency – The website needs to be consistent throughout the pages. Having a common theme helps keep the experience consistent for the user. The idea is to make all the pages seem relatable to the home page.
  • Have a Purpose – Every element in your webpage should serve a purpose. If the idea is to create conversion, add elements that all funnel the user experience towards conversions. Redundant elements end up confusing users and even the smallest of deviations may not yield the most optimum results.

4. Focus On Mobile Users

The use of mobile has surpassed computers and other digital devices. The majority of consumers prefer to use their mobile phones to browse through content and web pages. The focus of mobile-friendly web pages has been a driving factor for many businesses. Therefore, it is highly recommended to focus on mobile users. Many businesses have a separate mobile-friendly web page dedicated to the crowd. The mobile versions often contain a more streamlined layout that is custom built to the mobile screen specifications.

5. Target Visitors who have Abandoned Your website or cart

It is a common practice for consumers to add items to the cart and then discontinue the process. There could be many reasons behind such practices. Comparing the prices with competitors, experiencing the check-out funnel, and many more. It is important to realize that these are the consumers who were interested in the website and what it had to offer. They are a very important consumer group to focus upon.

Targeting such consumers with additional offers, reminders often work a long way to get that conversion.

6. Write Compelling copy and strong CTAs

A strong and compelling content often works wonders to create a need for conversion in the consumer. These can range from a variety of significant social obligations to ethical consumer behavior. There are many ways of drawing at the social obligation aspect of consumers. Call to actions such as environmental sustainability, social change, and impactful policy are just some of the compelling stories which are often attached with commercial brands. They provide an impactful backdrop to the company.

7. Use Remarketing to Attract Customers

Once a website is live, there are tons of data generated every day. Most of these data would be incurred from consumers who are merely checking out the content and the services to offer. They do not always lead to conversions as consumers often do a lot of homework and research before landing their order with a business.

Remarketing is an efficient tool to target such consumers. Based upon their previous surfing choices and purchasing history, they make ideal consumers amidst the chaos of redundant data. Remarketing helps attract such consumers with relatable deals and offers.

Why choose Mindbees for your Digital Marketing and Webdesign services

If one were to look at all the above information to create better conversion out of the websites, it can get quite overwhelming for businesses. To focus on both the operations and the additional marketing is never easy.

However, the key to success is to overtake others and create an experience for consumers, unlike any other competitors. This is where Mindbees can help businesses optimize their efforts. With the expertise of creating and operating the digital presence of businesses across the globe, the team at Mindbees is well suited to create magic out of webpages and the overall digital experience.

For conventional businesses, having a sound dedicated Digital Marketing expert in dealing with the transition towards the ever-growing digital world of consumerism, can work wonders.

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